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Space Opera Books carries a line of Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. Characteristic of High Adventure and the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

Our Books

A Trolling We Will Go Omnibus
The Early YearsOmnibus_1_The_Early_Years.html
We’ll All Go A TrollingWell_All_Go_A_Trolling.html
ECO Agents:Save the PlanetECO_Agents__Save_the_Planet.html
Trolling Down to Old Mah WeeTrolling_Down_to_Old_Mah_Wee.html
Trolling, Trolling, Trolling Fly Hides!Trolling,_Trolling,_Trolling_Fly_Hides%21.html
Trolling’s Pass and PresentTrollings_Pass_and_Present.html
A Trolling We Will GoA_Trolling_We_Will_Go.html
A Trolling We Will Go Omnibus
The Latter YearsOmnibus_The_Latter_Years.html