Our history stems from the writing program of California State University Fullerton. In late 2001, this program instilled a technique for critiquing works in progress. It evolved off campus to a writers group that has met once a month since, nearly 100 meetings at the time our company was formed. The experience of critiquing let one of the members to develop a very distinctive hand at editing.

While the writing group honed their skills from editing to preparing works for publication, the traditional author-writing-publication road changed over the course of this period. Consolidation of the major houses, the convergence of the Internet and e-reading, all have played a part in the formation of Regency Assembly Press.

Why Regency? Had there been any better representation on the screen of the iconic performance of Lord Olivier as Fitzwilliam Darcy, or Greer Garson as Elizabeth Bennet? (Of course in recent years new great performances of the Austen classic have emerged.) Realizing that such images had played a part in our founder’s life, as well as the Horatio Hornblower Saga of C.S. Forester, the enjoyment and teaching of Regency Dancing when partaking of a dance such as Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot, the wit of Georgette Heyer in her many pieces on the period, it thus seemed easy to select an identity for our enterprise.

Our desire is to bring more books that instill a fond reflection of the period of the Ton, and on-dits. Of Wellington and Napoleon, Nelson and Cochrane. Dancing, Beethoven and frivolity, great estates and great changes.


Mission:A small publisher of novels on the English Regency, including historical fiction, regency romance, and military fiction of the period.

Recent:Trolling Series


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Regency Research
Including Lexicon (Slang), Timeline and biographies of the Prime MinistersRegency_Research.html
Now on Sale: Caution’s Heir

The Duke of Northampshire spent fortunes in his youth. The reality of which his son, Arthur the Earl of Daventry, learns all too well when sent off to school with nothing in his pocket. Learning to fill that pocket leads him on a road to frugality and his becoming a sober man of Town. A sober but very much respected member of the Ton.

Lady Louisa Booth did not have much hope for her father, known in the country for his profligate ways. Yet when the man inherited her gallant uncle’s title and wealth, she hoped he would reform. Alas, that was not to be the case.

When she learned everything was lost, including her beloved home, she made it her purpose to ensure that Lord Arthur was not indifferent to her plight. An unmarried young woman cast adrift in society without a protector. A role that Arthur never thought to be cast as. A role he had little idea if he could rise to such occasion. Yet would Louisa find Arthur to be that one true benefactor? Would Arthur make this obligation something more? Would a game of chance lead to love?Cautions_Heir.html
The Serialization of our next Book, a Ruritanian RomanceThe_Prize_%28Serialized%29.html