Regency Dance Instructions

Regency Dancing has been in vogue for many years now. We owe it’s acceptance in the United States to the attendees of Science Fiction conventions, specifically the wives of the authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

These ladies, bored by not having much to do, took their love of Georgette Heyer Regency Romances, and asked one fan who was known for his ethnic dancing, to choreograph dances that they had read about. These dances took off. Dancing spread to other venues, where attendees of Science Fiction conventions also were members of Reenactment groups. Specifically the Society for Creative Anachronism, which ends it study of previous times in 1600. Well before our period.

Those interpreters of history however, found a resource for dance from John Playford, and the English Dancing Master. Though published in 1651, it is thought that all the dances he recorded and printed were also done before. A later dance, Hole in the Wall,
made it’s way into both realms, that of the SCA and that of those dancing in the Regency genre at Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions, and events solely concerned with the Regency.

Presented for you here, notes say this dance is from 1721. Dancing certainly gives one a Regency feel.


Regency Dance Links

There are several places where one can learn and experience Regency Dancing. Nothing compares to a Ball, however. One of the bigger balls each year is held in Pasadena, CA. It is the Jane Austen Evening. To prepare for such an event, they have practices for it just prior to the ball. However, you can practice all year long at such venues as one held in Anaheim, CA, the Orange County Regency Dance Practice. Or at the Friends of the English Regency, in Culver City, CA. (You will notice these cities of Southern California, for it is where the modern american interpretation of Regency Dance gestated and spread from.)


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Dance Instructions
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